Monday, September 27, 2021

Eaton/Duval Night

We finally got something approaching a cold front which didn't do much for temperatures but it does seem to have tamped down the ghastly humidity a bit. Check out in the photo below. Get your camera out of an air-conditioned car and you have to wait a few minutes for things to settle down. Usually I'm impatient and start wiping the lens with a microfiber cloth and but its bets to just wait for temperatures to equalize by themselves. Watch your dog enjoying himself as you wait:

I was on Eaton just off Duval looking at the posters advertising productions to come after we're gone at the Key West Theater. I am glad they have brought the long empty space back to life and I recall with pleasure a pre pandemic concert my friend Gary actually got us tickets to check it out. Covid would not encourage us to go to a public performance this winter so we leave town with less regret than we otherwise might. 

We closed down the yard sale after a slow Sunday but we did make about $1500 which seemed like a lot to me. I congratulated my wife and then we took a nap. My wife is friends with a Haitian pastor and she's invited his prisoners you d to collect anything they might want to help put our stuff somewhere useful other than the landfill. That will leave us camping at home for our last few weeks. Re-use is a great way to pass stuff along for others to enjoy in their homes.
As I step out the door at work the Teamsters have negotiated pretty big raises for my former colleagues. My wife looked at me for a minute and said two bucks more an hour? Sign up! And we burst out laughing. I'm glad they will get more money because life in the Keys doesn't get any cheaper but I am so glad not to have to think about all that anymore.

One thing I noticed at the yard sale was tenor of conversations with people new to the Keys looking for stuff. It was interesting to me to listen to their reactions to life in this new place. One new arrival in Marathon was really relieved not to live in Key West, home of the weirdos which made me smile. My grumble at the reduction of weirdness is clearly the perception of someone who has lived here too long. That was a thought provoking conversation.

There was the buyer who lives with an active wife and he's worried she may not settle down to a slower pace of life. I could do nothing all day he said, sweating to put his purchases into the narrow space in his car.

I stopped in front of the presbytery, the pastor's home, at St Paul's. In years past this has been a prime viewing platform for the Fantasy Fest Grand Parade. This year the parade is cancelled but Fantasy fest goes ahead anyway. No viewing platforms required, I guess. The gate was padlocked at four in the morning!

Tourism has been hot all summer. The thinking is that the desire to move is best served by visiting interesting places in the US no matter whether it's in season or not. It's not high season in the Keys but you wouldn't know it looking at the numbers.

AsI was standing there looking at details as Rusty paused at the base of every tree (no peeing, good boy) there were hung over looking people stumbling back and forth. We were supposed to be alone but Key West is the city that has a hard time sleeping this year.

And Bank of America is back downtown. They closed the office on Southard Street a few years ago and then I saw this employee-free box on the 300 block. It's a page out of Wells Fargo's book as there are a couple of rival ATMs just up the street. My bank on Summerland Key has been closed since Hurricane Irma trashed the Lower Keys so I guess inconvenience is the new customer service.  I like the trash can, it kales it look almost like a real bank.