Saturday, April 25, 2020

Colors Of My Walks

It's the weekend...big deal I suppose for the millions struggling to get unemployment benefits. In Florida it is particularly hard as the previous governor gummed up the system to improve his statistics. The current governor busted his predecessor as Governor DeSantis is getting grief he thinks should be going for Senator Rick Scott who used to be governor and catapulted himself to a job in the senate. Enough of all that, lock down unemployment, loneliness, all be damned- it's Saturday. Soooo...
In my struggle to find static photographs of a static planet devoid of humans I thought to myself: I see a lot of colors everyday. Jolly good, I have a camera that takes color exposures. 
So never mind beach openings, or social distancing, I see colors.
Colors, shapes and sunsets.
Stripes of paint.
The author of this vacuous graffiti below got arrested a while back, so it seems likely the self styled "southernmost wanted" vandal will fade from memory given time. But there are still signs of his passing violating the countryside.
Whatever Rusty leaves behind I pick up in a  plastic bag. Just remember that every time you admire him looking handsome in a  photograph. There are consequences...
More graffiti, incoherent this time so I took advantage of their blood red color.
The sky can be made to look excitingly blue with a  little digital manipulation. I set the white balance to tungsten (the light bulb) to create a blue emphasis.

I am trying to see colors where before I saw graffiti.
A leaf and a plastic tube covering a guy wire to a power pole. I looked hard to find the similarity and settled on the yellow color.
A hazy orange sunset filled the  sky that evening and I wasn't sure whether or not i wanted to thank Cuba for burning sugar cane on an easterly breeze or not. On the whole not. I know burning cane is necessary but I am not a fan of the subtleties of haze. Bring on the colors, primary colors preferably!