Friday, February 20, 2009

Samaritan Lane

Samaritan Lane is another of the more than 100 lanes (per J Wills Burke) that clutter Key West, and like a few of them it has no street names to mark it's presence:It has some pretensions to history, though of the more dilapidated type:
Modern Conchs, and newcomers enjoy living in modern homes too, with all the modern conveniences, including scooters on the porch if they feel like it:And chickens in the front yard:The lane itself isn't very big, comprising as it does two right angled arms which pass between Key West Bank on Whitehead Street and Crabby Dicks on Duval Street. Looking out towards Whitehead Street and Robert Gabriel public housing:Looking halfway up the lane ( against the one way traffic flow):And out towards Angela Street:Samaritan Lane is more of a series of interconnected parking lots in some respects, including the big lot behind Crabby Dicks, which is some unremarkable bar and restaurant serving tourists on Duval:And then there is the big old apartment complex at the turn, with convenient covered parking underneath:Even in this unpromising lane there are the signs of Key West architecture on view, including the multi level staircase:The endless "No Trespassing" signs:And the bane of all vehicular traffic in Old Town, the lack of parking:And a nice peek of the magnificent A.M.E. Zion Church on Whitehead Street, a fine juxtaposition to the bulk of Crabby Dicks on the other side of the lane:Samaritan Lane may not be much to write home about but the residents appeared quite house proud the early morning I was there (filled with fish from nearby Dennis Cafe):Another one down, many dozen more lanes to go.