Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Angela By The Cemetery

Oh glorious summer, back so soon. It's not really summer just yet but we are in the middle of a heavenly streak of perfect weather with daytime highs around 80 and nighttime lows around 70 with a light cool breeze from the southeast. I wait anxiously for summertime to kick in on the morning of March 13th but I can already see the evening hours of daylight stretching out a little. It's about 6;45pm before it gets completely dark and at a stroke it will be almost 8pm when night falls in less than a month. Delicious! The photo above was the start of a late afternoon stroll recently up Angela Street from Margaret. The home on the corner belongs to the late artist Carolyn Fuller whose home is now fenced off.I grumbled about the fence and got a comment saying people were ripping "souvenirs" from the place. The older I get the less able my fellow humans seem to be at acting polite in public. If I had to live in the city I'd like to have the cemetery for my neighbor. Not only is it pretty to look at but the inmates don't disturb.Lots of people are afraid of cemeteries and dead people, an attitude I find rather odd. When I worked in town during the daytime I would frequently come into the cemetery, check the headstones which are packed with history and eat a picnic lunch among the dead. It is, I grant you, sentimental but were I dead and buried here I'd enjoy, if I had any sense of being, getting a break in the monotony with a visit from the living. As it is Angela Street runs along side wo with a dog, banned from the cemetery itself, I was limited to looking through the fence. I also noticed this old roadsign, the sign itself removed from the post. That was owing to a recent deicsion to reverse the one way traffic on this section of Angela Street.I still have trouble remembering the correct order of one way streets in Bahama Village which were all changed a couple of years ago. Imagine how much of a struggle it is for me to remember this unexplained change as well. Traffic now travels inbound, westbound from Frances Street.
Angela Street is actually a nuisance to walk along as there are no sidewalks and even though the street is quite wide enough for a pedestrian and a car, all too many car drivers have very little idea of how much room their vehicles need. So, in between looking out for vehicles I took a moment here and there to enjoy the architeture and the greenery.Half way down this block of Angela lies the little side street called Catholic Lane, because of it's proximity to the Catholic section of the cemetery across the fence (in death Key Westers apparently prefer to be sgregated by religion, as though God cares). Catholic Lane merits its own essay, of course and wouldn't you know it, that one is already in the bag: http://conchscooter.blogspot.com/2009/03/catholic-lane.html Even though Angela is one way the other way don't be surprised to see cyclists riding the wrong way. And biy, do they get indignant when advised they can get tickets for wrong way on a one way. I always check both ways at intersections in Key West as one way streets are frequently converted to two ways not only by errant cyclists and mopeds but also by confused visitors.And just to brighten up the scenery I came across a Vespa similar to my wife's ET4.I never tire of picket fences, cute cottages and green palms.And I don't even mind meeting other dogs on the street when they are friendly. A friendly owner is a bonus.I remember living with two dogs at once, crossed leashes and all. I am rather glad Cheyenne prefers to live in a one dog household.