Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Higgs Beach Ablutions

It was a weekday, it was overcast and rather gloomy but still they come and they hang out at the beach.  It's funny because anyone who knows the Keys knows the beaches here are not what you'd expect in Florida, where the peninsula is made of sand. 
But they do like their beaches. And I have to say there weren't many people soaking up the gray overcast. Not least because we are in that blessed hiatus between snowbirds going home and summer vacations not starting. But those that were there were determined to enjoy it. Good for them.
Across the parking lot there was some dude who was unplugging his ears and scrubbing his armpits. I have to say I admired his nerve standing around in the public space acing like he was at home in his own bathroom. Higgs Beach has been a magnet for travelers and bums and idlers for as long as I can remember. The county owns this park and has tried to unload it on the city but the city wants nothing to do with it.
They closed off one set of tables to the bums by making them park of a children's playground so the bums moved. In winter the county pays of an off duty deputy to patrol the beach and keep it sorted out.
 The workers of course have to keep doing their thing, cleaning the trash and so forth, the unsung chores of a tourist town that prefers to advertise the water and the activities and the drinking, not the grungy day to day stuff that fascinates me. 
 And there he still was washing up.
Rusty was tired after a long cross town walk and he watched with interest as we waited for our ride to come pick us up.