Sunday, March 22, 2009

Casa Marina Court

Casa Marina Court by night is quite tropical and lush, even more so than by day, and wandering this street at two in the morning on a lunch break is a healthy reminder of that:

Talk to a Key West realtor and they will tell you in reverent tones that Casa Marina is Key West's most upscale neighborhood. They aren't completely wrong:Casa Marina's boundaries are a bit vague, but like pornography which is said to be equally hard to define, you'll know it when you see it:

Casa Marina Court is just a couple of blocks long from White Street to Reynolds:

To the south of Casa Marina Court lies Higgs Beach and Dog Park and the public tennis courts, whose open space mitigates the excess of walls and gates elsewhere:

The ends of the street are marked by these curious little columns, so one knows when one is here, when passing on White or Reynolds:

Amongst all the gateways in this neighborhood there is one which is worth the price of admission:

A pretty fancy doorway solely for the use of a housekeeper and her non-U friends...There are modern homes of Casa Marina as well,looking more California than Florida Keys:

And there at the end of the street is the Casa Marina, the big hotel recently sold and purchased by the Waldorf group, part of the Hilton chain of hotels.
And so, time to stop playing tourist with the camera and get back to work.