Thursday, May 4, 2017

Four In The Morning

Amelia Street looking west, toward the waterfront, in the distance.
 Restored Bahama Village architecture:
Bahama Village has been a tight knit community of African Americans who were shunted off to this side of Key West when the center of trade was in the harbor around Mallory Square. Nowadays this land is valuable but the community is well entrenched even though the voracious demand for land and housing puts pressure o the older families that want to live in "the Village."
Restoration and sale. So it goes.
 The figurehead hints at nautical roots often claimed not often verified these days.
Below we see the classic Conch styles of fencing, plain picket and cement block with decoration:
 Classic unrestored architecture, strong simple fence, metal gate and house with possibly a window air conditioner. 
I loved this sign, "Danger!" OMG...
 The ambiguity of my lunch break, head one of two ways...back to work on my Vespa.