Saturday, May 26, 2012

Highway Sights

The Overseas Highway named for Flagler's original 1912 Over-The-Sea-Railroad is officially US Highway One. It is quite beautiful too on a sunny day with a few clouds and not too much traffic.

However, commerce manages to balls things up from time to time. You'd think billboards would be banned from this most scenic federally funded highway. You'd be horribly wrong. This one greets me after the last turn on my 27 mile (42 kilometer) commute:

It strikes me at the issues raised by the Gulf Oil Spill were of far greater moment and infinitely more far reaching than making a law firm even wealthier. The stories of BP's excessively liberal payout system are legion in the Keys. Sign away rights and take tens of thousands for loss of something-or other. Loss of income? Not for these lawyers and their cheesy recycling of the most emotive picture:

The highway is hardly pristine thanks to our need for electricity while the pole on the left carries a traffic camera watching for traffic jams.

I have noticed my AT&T dsl service has slowed down a bit. It used to get bad in winter when the snowbirds are around. Now it makes for slow Internet connections when the high tech grandparents have left. Perhaps they demand service from their providers that we locals are scared to aspire to.

This is the highway devoid of billboards sweeping into Ramrod Key where I live. They could have planted some big shade trees along the road, you'd think, but no such luck. Landscaping is left to Nature's best effort.

The local supermarket, the Winn Dixie on Big Pine Key tries to suck in a few tourists with one of these grandfathered billboards. I like the Big Pone store as it is a lot quieter than the supermarkets in Key West even though they have a better selection.

I think we are spoiled for selection in the first place, in food and entertainment. Boondocks bar has been on a jag offering "tribute shows" and advertising em with these temporary ground level 'billboards.’

It is a Highway that many motorcycle riders aspire to ride once in their lives.

I guess I'm lucky I've ridden it enough to know it well, mile by mile even if it lacks hills and turns.

I hate how gas stations advertise fuel prices with the stupid and universal nine tenths fractions...Being anal I always round the decimals up to avoid succumbing to the advertising sleight of hand.

It looks as daft as any vehicle on the road but they have way too much enthusiasm not to enjoy their overloaded ride with them. I'm guessing they didn't notice the intrusive billboards.

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