Saturday, June 5, 2021

Duval Dawn

The classic view of Duval Street.
Less classic but just as long lived.
I am not overly fond of wild chickens as they kick up dirt everywhere and pot on poses to frighten my dog. However I am even less fond of the nonsense put about  that they came from Cuba, the descendants of all male fighting roosters. How  boat loads of roosters reproduced isn't explained in the myth. In point of fact they like so many other creatures flourish here thanks to the mild weather and abundant food.
I like Duval Street, seen here at Front Street early in the morning. I find that in the cool early hours it's all light and shadow which gives the banal main street a more interesting look. 
Everyone is hiring. Jobs for all! Noiwehere to live is the actual problem.
Harbor House on Front Street with trees growing out of the roof. 
Sometimes I find reflections i can use, especially so in the summer which is when it rains. This is an upside down view of the former Red Fish Blue Fish restaurant.
I'm not sure but it looks like the coconut man has got a new set of old wheels. I was watching a television show where a man from Oklahoma was presented a coconut inside it's husk. He had no idea what it was. That moment helped me understand why Key West sometimes looks a bit odd to outsiders.
Mallory Square al fresco.
Another mural from the former CVS on the Wall Street side of the building that faces Duval. A slice of Key West life is represented in the style of the late Mario Sanchez.