Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Walking Big Coppitt

Fried chicken and gasoline at Mile Marker 10, and the secret side streets of Big Coppitt are there to be explored.Cheyenne is learning to stick to the shady side of the street as we go exploring in the middle of the day.
Big Coppitt is an island where working people can find somewhere reasonably affordable, by local standards, to live. The side streets also offer space for the shade tree mechanic to ply his trade.
Despite the abundance of off street parking here there is a bit of an obsession with parking on Big Coppitt.I guess strangers have muscled their way onto this street in the past and chosen this lot to turn around, to someone's apparent discomfort. You can park here as this one's for sale.
Not here though. Not anywhere near here.
The big house on the little prairie. At first I thought it was s a shuttered snowbird home but close up I found a For Sale sign.Wild pit bull anxious to make Cheyenne's acquaintance. She ignored him, as usual.
She must have read the sign. Personally I'll bet he's a sweet dog, just never walked and not much loved. Just chained to the porch all day and bored.Think of this as camouflaged not abandoned.
Poinciana shade.I've seen these plastic owls used to frighten off birds from boats in the marina. Never before seen to frighten off birds from parked cars. Immobile cars more like. No parking- and if you were thinking about it the space has been shut out with strategically placed cement blocks. I find it odd that outside spaces are used to pile junk, not to make outdoor living pleasant.
It's tough to make ends meet in the Keys and short cuts are sometimes the only way to keep going. Pepto Bismol home next to sky blue home for sale. More signs.Beware of the cat more like.
Mobile home rendered immobile.
Waterfront home exhibiting signs of permanence behind the privacy hedge. The alarm company sign and the Private Property sign leave no doubt that this hedge is hiding...private property.And at last we reached the dead end, marked for some extraordinary reason by a yellow road work light on a stand.
"Use beach at own risk" said an ancient sign mostly buried in the sand. So we did, because we are daredevils, Cheyenne and I.