Monday, May 28, 2012

Old City Hall

It is a distinguished building at 510 Greene, once city hall, now used to prop up the residentially challenged who try to camp on the steps in the evening, even while city commission meetings go on inside.

The police keep moving the bums and the mechanics have got the clock running so all is well with the world.

And the leading lights in the city get to take their bows, from an adoring populace.

The stately brick building attracts visitors so they have an information booth inside, downstairs.

Visitors and ATMs go together like a hand and a glove.

Stairs is the commission meeting room at the top of these lacy stairs.

There are also wrought iron bars through which one can look at the world outside.

This coup,e walked out past me down the stone flight of stairs outside, delightfully bum-free, clutching their presentation board.

They had been speaking it seems inside the chamber,

Which had what must have been some planning commission holding a hearing. It's quote pretty in wood and brass.

Most of the city staff work out of temporary offices at Habana Plaza on Flagler while the city succumbs to the will of the mayor who pushing hard to consolidate city hall at Glynn Archer school, a plan I like. What happens then to this old meeting chamber I don't know.

Perhaps it is too ornate for modern government offices.

And no public building would be complete without some mention of Cuban revolutionary José Martí:

And the potted history of the building is contained here, on this historic marker placed properly enough, outside.

I like this building and I enjoy attending meetings here.

I also like looking across the street and ponder my joy at not having to fix a roof in the broiling afternoon sun.

It looked like hot work.

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