Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Not Dawn Fish Chasing

I've heard it said that anglers are supposed to be up at the crack of dawn to indulge their passion for fish killing.

Not everyone apparently feels the compulsion to arise with the sun.

But then slowly the boats start to appear.

Very slowly some of them, duffing around the launch ramp.

A camp ground packed with sleeping fish killers.

Early birds catch the worm, they say.

If they don't catch the worm they at least zoom like they are ready to make up for lost time.

You can't chase fish without last minute supplies, beer chips and ice are critical supplies.

Launching is stressful with everyone standing around ready to see the launch vehicle...launched.

And then it's off to see the fish.

Remember: one lifejacket per person.

And carry something really interesting in the bilge of the boat.

And try not to bash into other keen anglers out on the water.

Follow the yellow brick road.

And homeward wends the weary angler, loaded with fish while the sleepyheads go out to pick up the left overs.

Why chase fish when you could so easily be riding a motorcycle?

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