Saturday, June 19, 2021

No Change

I am quite fond of the new city manager in Key West whose appointment was announced last week. She used to be the head of Internet Technology when I worked night shift and more than once over the years I have got her out of bed at some ghastly hour to fix a problem. 
She rose through the city ranks over the years and will now end her term as the big kahuna prior to her retirement in two years. I never thought I would beat her to the exit but here we are. Of course she has forty years seniority working for the city where I have barely 18 but still I get to leave with people I know still holding the reins. It makes me feel old.
Her predecessor quit abruptly to take  a position with a  utility company that paid more and the city has decided to keep going with someone in charge who already knows the ropes.
I start to hear people speak nervously about hurricane season as temperatures rise and tropical waves start to form in the Caribbean. I never trust people who know this season will be bad. They usually say it in a hushed voice hinting at disasters yet to come as though they have secret knowledge to interpret the future. When a trainee at work asked me if we should expect a  storm I said someone is going to get hit most likely. I hope it's not us.
Until then life goes on as usual, the wheels of commerce turn and political leaders make their plans. 
Rusty has his hurricane plan though he doesn't know what it is. He's been evacuated previously and will be again if necessary. I am astonished when people leave behind their pets. 
I wander around the city in the middle of the night and I see people carrying out their routines, drunks going home, bakers baking, cyclists bicycling...
La Concha is open to welcome guests but I am alone in the entrance, looking in and seeing no one.
Rusty has Duval to himself for a while...
I came across a man unlocking his bicycle. We said good morning to each other and as he rode off he wished me a blessed day, to which I figured I was off to a good start.