Thursday, March 24, 2016

Higgs Lane 2008

In 2008 I used an actual digital camera to take pictures as my little cell phone couldn't do the job, even had I wanted it to. I fought the advent of smart phones as long as I could and then gave in and have enjoyed my phone as multi purpose tool ever since.

Higgs Lane

Higgs is name inextricably intertwined with the city of Key West. There is of course Higgs beach and Ervin Higgs is running for re-election as Monroe County Property Appraiser, and in my essay on the cemetery I included a picture of this long established family' plot. And last, but certainly not least there is a delightful city right of way bearing the family name:Higgs Lane is on Elizabeth Street between Eaton and Caroline, and should not be confused with nearby Donkey Milk Lane:At least I'm pretty sure this is Donkey Milk Lane because there was no sign to that effect though I'm guessing there aren't many drunk tourists who could resist the urge to decorate their homes with such a sign. I have drunk horse milk and found it unpleasantly sweet; on the subject of donkey's milk I have no opinion.
Back to the subject in hand, Higgs Lane is a classic dead end in the key West style, all white wood and abundant greenery:And peeking through the trees one can see the backside of the immortal Federal Building on Simonton Street, huge and lumpen dominating everything. I guess it must be a quiet neighbor at least:Higgs Lane gives neighbors the opportunity for peaceful sunlit reflection if they are lucky enough have an upstairs deck:Others have a rather more, how can I say?- eclectic taste in home decor:While others who have the bad luck to have to go Up North for the summer have to button up their homes in case of hurricane while they are gone:Back out on Elizabeth Street I spotted the Christian Science Reading room which would have done nicely for a little variety on my recent essay on churches. Anyway here it isIn my younger days I found these reading rooms to be pleasant places to check out the Christian Science Monitor, a fine newspaper (whose radio service I used to report for occasionally many years ago even though I am not a Christian Scientist nor would I ever be- I love my doctor!- in the interests of proper disclosure). It's worth reading from time to time for a different perspective. Actually the Reading Room looks typically funky Keys from the outside. And as Istood on the sidewalk contemplating my pictures from Higgs Lane a French couple swung by and there he was, at it again on the phone:Is this how modern couples share a pleasant walk together? I prefer the company of my Canon to that of my Nokia.