Sunday, October 14, 2012

Key West Skylines

I love those skies over the Keys with the big puffy clouds. I do like to look up when I'm traveling around.

Look at those black clouds, pinks and greens and that long slate gray metal roof.

Or the light gray parking garage on Grinnell and those same black clouds....

And the waterfront market being renovated sits under the same dark skies.

Sunshine, shade and golden yellow walls. Key West looking good.


It's some block I have but once I'm flying down the highway on my way to or from Key West I rarely find the time or make the time to stop and enjoy the view. I did manage to stop earlier this week and snap a few pictures contrasting the colors of sky and water under a summer thunderstorm.

I like seeing that houseboat at anchor north of Sugarloaf Key. It looks snug among the mangroves in the shallow waters, free of neighbors and daily irritations. In point of fact it's probably a tremendous pain in the butt remembering to haul water and groceries from shore and all the rest of it. Boat dwellers aren't really independent of shore life; I lived the life for years and always marveled at how appreciative of and dependent I was on shoreside facilities.

I do like looking out at the storms and the rain and the heavy black clouds sweeping across the turquoise water. It's only really nice if the rain doesn't threaten to cross the path of myself and my motorcycle. It's not that I mind riding in the rain, it's just a pain to get all togged up in waterproofs for a brief shower and then come out sweating and damp anyway from the lack of ventilation inside the rain suit.

It's been a bad year for boating for us. We've gone swimming from shore but the weather has been wet and windy and generally unpleasant for swimming off shore. I have missed having the boat at the dock, it has spent the summer since its tune up on the trailer. Better luck next year I hope.

Thinking negative thoughts is no good as I have a job to go to and a desk to drive for twelve night time hours. Pretty views will accompany me almost all the way in to Key West.