Monday, January 20, 2020

White Street Pier

The White Street Pier used to be described to the gullible as the stump of the old bridge to Havana that was torn down after the revolution. It is possible to get a vehicle on it but that is an activity reserved for emergency vehicles as a general rule. Bicycles pedestrians and dogs are welcome.
 Higgs beach generally is a good spot to contemplate the meaning of life.
 Th waters south of Key West offer refuge for shrimpers in strong north winds:
 While the pier offers refuge for people ready to sit and contemplate the view:
 Views like this:
The seaplane flying to the Dry Tortugas:
 The view due east toward Smathers Beach:
 Lines and shadows:
And the abominable jet skis which happily are not allowed too close.
 A short walk through the Aids Memorial to White Street:
 Higgs Beach, the eastern section: