Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rainy Night

I like summer rain in the Keys. To be in Key West  at dusk on a rainy evening adds to the pleasure.
The thing is summer rain is warm compared to winter rain Up North and a temperature drop to 75 degrees is actually welcome around here. 
The swish of tires on wet roads is evocative of cold winter nights to me, so hearing it as I walk in shirt sleeves creates pleasurable  confusion in my mind.
Drivers tend to lose the ability to drive in these relatively mild conditions but rain can also keep people home so I welcome it doubly when I'm working as it helps to keep 911 calls to a minimum.  
I saw this work truck, loaded with boxes and I saw the bumper sticker about loving Stock Island and I thought "that figures." But I had those thoughts with a pang as Stock Island may not be a working class refuge for much longer...
I am always able to find things to photograph in this remarkable town. Recording it's descent into sterile gentility gives me less pleasure, even on a rainy night.
There's not much to say about the beauty that still lines these streets, and all the stuff I have to say about the changes sweeping Key West are predictable and at some point...
 ...they become repetitive. 
Fleming street, looking to Duval Street above, and to White Street below. Taken from the library area.
We went to see the One NIght Stand short plays at the Studios of Key West in their new space at the old Freemason's Hall on Eaton at Simonton. We quite enjoyed them did my wife and I (Rusty stayed home, hence no dog pictures.). The drama consists of twenty four hours to write a play, rehearse it and find costumes and props for it. One performance and it's all over. I shan't soon forget the weird tattoo parlor play run by a weird Teutonic boss lady declaiming about TAT-OW art. Ten minutes of weirdness. Four plays in all, one odder than the next. LINK  
 Rain during the day has less impact than the wet dusk of the night before. Highway One becomes a pain, more so than usual, as people crawl in terror at the sight of raindrops.
 Heavy dark skies give the Keys some drama.
 I like rainy season, day or night.