Saturday, November 28, 2009

Miami In The Keys

I have been meaning to stop here for some time, it's on my ride home in the morning and the big white wall looms up in my headlight like an iceberg out of the dark. It was only when I was wandering the overseas highway one evening on my wife's Vespa 150 that i stopped for pictures.
One seems to end up inevitably on a long straight street when turning off the highway. And a dead end follows as sure as eggs is eggs.
Dusk is a great time to be out with all colors muted and the light giving way suddenly to dark.
I have mentioned it before, but one thing I do miss about life at higher latitudes is the length of dusk. I remember how long it takes for it to get dark after sunset at fifty five degrees north latitude, an endless shading of night. Around here it seems like one minute it's day and the next it isn't. Just like that.
So the keen photographer has to get a move on and grab the sunlight while it's there. Even as it reflects off Fat Albert, the Air Force surveillance blimp which flies above Cudjoe Key. Seen here pointing north into the direction of the wind.
Here's a cheerful mailbox in a tropical vein, another one for Celia's collection:
And there's the sun again making a dive for the horizon:
Somewhat to my surprise, South Pointe is a neighborhood of huge houses, luxury homes with massive yards and all the appurtenances one would expect of a 5,000 square foot 450 meter) home:And here is the classic dolphin mailbox holder:
Modest enough, that little sea mammal, when surrounded by these vast luxury dwellings, an endless parade of them:Perfectly manicured in all the details:
I recently got endless grief for gardening in my birthday suit (which wasn't true) and here is a guy standing around in the garden all day in his birthday suit and not one peep did I hear about it.
The sun, refusing to disappear completely, struggling to stay in sight:
In the distance a car turning north onto Highway One, the gloom showing up in the long distance shot as the absence of daylight rubs out the details:
More magnificent gardens, the antithesis of what I think of as "Keys Living:"
A Vespa ET4 in the frame never hurts:
Just think: if that sign hadn't been posted there I might have got it into my head to trespass...
God Bless America and top tax rate lower than anywhere else in the industrialized world.
There is still room for one more if you have plans and a permit ...and some spare cash.
Looking south the night is closing in:
And looking north to Mile Marker 16 one can see the lights of the Sugarloaf Lodge:
South Pointe would make an excellent base for a quick commute to Key West some 15 minutes south of here. Of course it doesn't seem like many of the residents of the neighborhood would even need to think of something as plebeian as commuting. But still, if they ever did, they would be well place.