Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Waterfront Kerfuffles

I am pretty sure I don't want to own  (or be owned by) a sailboat again, but now and again I let my guard down and wonder if perhaps this time my mythical sailboat might encounter favorable winds and smoother seas a majority of the time. In my actual functioning memory sailing consisted of hunkering down to hide from strong winds on the nose or taking off sailing in a desperate attempt  to find decent winds to enable a brisk refreshing sail.  Too often five minutes sailing led to an hour's motoring back to the slip and all the kerfuffle of dropping and folding sails, covering bright work and coiling lines.  However I was rather intrigued by the possibility of renting a Catalina 41 and letting someone else do the kerfuffling in future. Noted for future reference,and it LOOKS pretty good in the brochure.
Anything to do with the water involves mucking about dealing with stuff and  that includes diving. I got so fed up dealing with buoyancy vests and regulators and dive time calculations and weights and all the rest of it that I gave up diving and contented myself with snorkeling.  Rusty couldn't care either way.
Then there is fishing, a sport I have never managed to get into...and as I watched this fishing boat captain kerfuffling with tiny pieces of plastic line and bait and stuff I thought my decision to renounce chasing fish to be an excellent one.
I watched the liveaboard boater coming to the dinghy dock, slicing the water as he came.  Nope I don't miss living on the water either with all the complexities of trash disposal, crap disposal and water collection.
Live free like a bird.
On land.