Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Old Bahia Honda

They call West Summerland Key "Scout Key" these days though I'm sure the Scouts must be wondering what to do with their camp blown out and all vegetation burned away by 140 mph winds. When I have a hankering to take pictures and a dog to walk this always was the place to come and so it is now, looking different but the hill, the approach road to the old bridge, is still here. And so are the views and the perspective on the ocean waters below.
 Pelicans alongside the old bridge, crumbling away:
 The view toward Big Pine, now largely vegetation-free:
 Himself always on the look out for iguana:

 He looks around but iguana have taken a hit from loss of habitat.
 Barricades to stop people turning off the highway onto an access road...
 ...that is no longer there:
 Torn away by the waves:
 The mangrove tree, subject of many attempts by me to photograph it:
 But life is re-generating.

 There was an iguana in the tree, he was sure of it:
 He doesn't kill them anymore. He catches them, they play dead and he loses interest.