Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lower Keys Ephemera

A single lane street with a cyclist.

It is my misfortune to live on this street with a bunch of really strange people who insist on taking their right of way on foot and by bicycle. It's an odd craving, to be run off the road ad injured by some callous car driver.

I expect these numb nuts imagine that because they are retired white men they have some divine right not to be knocked into oblivion by their impatient, employed neighbors. Right of way has little to do with it as the injury will ultimately all fall on the cyclists. When I ride my motorcycle or bicycle down this street I pull off to allow four wheelers to pass me by in all safety. I value my skin and I know the damage a car will do to the human body.

These pricks don't have the wit to understand the danger they put themselves in, and some of my motoring neighbors drive with no regard at all for the speed limit.

I wonder what this mental deficient thought he was accomplishing by not pulling safely off the right of way and letting me by. Lucky for him I know what a wrecked body looks like and I didn't try to squeeze past his frail old bones.

These youngsters on Big Pine Key stepped smartly out of the way, in a manner that suggests they can teach their elders and betters a thing or two.

On another subject I have difficulty imagining a bingo hall that is smoke free. It seems like an oxymoron.

And then the chickens found in the rear of the Winn Dixie supermarket on Big Pine. these creatures are everywhere these days!

Not just limited to tourist venues in Old Town Key West...

I saw a rich red sunset through the shade in my bedroom, which when I used the flash washed out completely. Very amusing.

Without the flash the sunset washed out.

Oh well, all I can say is it really did look good even through the window!

It's quite the spectacle looking west across the salt ponds. A fuzzy brained cyclist could fall off his bicycle looking at nature's majesty. And that would be too bad.

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