Friday, December 2, 2016

Working Waterfront

So how did Rusty meet me on the waterfront at dawn?  Hmm. 

My wife came to town and brought him too so when I got off work there he was, and so was she.

I am still trying to enjoy the Truman Waterfront before it becomes a manicured park.

And there were other dogs for Rusty to play with. My shy little stray has come out of his shell.

No idea where the baots were going but I am told fish bite better at dawn.

A green channel marker a long way out. Telephoto lense in play again.

This green charter boat has been busy and was out looking good in the early morning.
Even when it got rocked by the wake from the pilot boat. The pilot is the mariner who guides large ships in and out of the hrabor, typically in Key West that would be cruise ships.

This weird ungainly tug looked like a shapeless blob on the water:

All made possible by the 600mm zoom.