Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Light And Shadow

I keep photographing the Southernmost Peace and Prayer Church on Fleming Street and it keeps yielding new perspectives.
A stranger walking by asked where Rusty might be and I had to admit he was at home as I was  between appointments and he was better off not being in town on a  hot day. 
Halloween beckons in the garden behind the library:

In the front of the library I met Gordon taking a rest. He was quite tickled by the idea....
....he might be sleeping with his own chicken. I like seeing people enjoying uncomplicated life in Key West.
Smiley roof face or frowning?
I didn't want to know how much this Elizabeth Street house might be selling for.
It may technically be Fall but there is still plenty of bright sunlight on the metal roofs of Key West.
I enjoy bright sunlight and the shadows produced even though most photographers are not fond of bright sunlight. 
By the time I got to Duval Street sunlight was catching the barest edge of La Concha the tallest building in town. My photograph reproduced on Instagram garnered the comment that it is also pretty ugly. I like the symmetry and the imposing bulk:
Peace Fantasy For Rent.       Perfect!
Stained glass reflections taken during a pause inside St Paul's:
And one more shot of shadows and light slanted across the side of a house: