Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bight Boats

The statue is supposed to represent the man who encouraged the commercialization of the fishing port called Key West Bight. I caught him looking longingly at a boat preparing to put to sea.

I would be no good as a charter fishing captain. I don't know how to chase fish but I am not too bad at sitting around waiting for something to happen.

This place is always busy with people out seeking controlled adventures on and under the water.

Unless they are at work, like Key West's finest patrolling the harbor.

Some visitors like to enjoy the tropical waters udder sail:

Some boaters look lime they live at anchor.

Others enjoy a special treat as graduation looms:

More workmanlike competence:

Some amateurish puzzlement:

And here they are again, circling and heading out this time, far from their class room.

Boating with a dog is hard work, I remember it well.

They look like they are having fun. Good for them.

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