Sunday, June 18, 2017

Birds of Boca Chica

I have long since known that I have no facility for remembering stuff I can easily look up. I am no naturalist nor a botanist am I so I have trouble remembering the names of more than a handful of trees. I am no angler, despite the fact I live in the Keys so about the only fish I can identify is a grunt, I think... and birds? Not much joy there either. BUt I am learning to enjoy photographing them. Like the osprey I caught above at the top of a very tall cement light pole long since abandoned. 
Around here the most interesting mobile things to photograph end up being birds, even more interesting than the stumbling crowds of tourists all dressed alike and marching lockstep up and down Duval Street. I'm pretty sure the one above is a heron looking for breakfast.
Perhaps this one is a snowy egret all hunched up, except  when it lost it's balanced and spread its wings momentarily.
This stripey headed bandit (below) had me beat. Google is amazing. I asked it to look for images of a "Florida wader with a  striped head." And the reply came back immediately: yellow crowned night heron. There you have it and feel free to disagree.
Taking a telephoto picture of a dragonfly was just a whim as Rusty rooted through the vegetation on a search and destroy mission against iguanas.
 The dragonfly above has a slightly torn wing. The one below doesn't. 
 A dove below violating government airspace on the Navy Base perimeter fence.
 Another heron silhouetted by the rising sun yesterday morning:
 An ibis stalking breakfast:
I am no bird watcher in any meaningful sense but as usual the camera helps me see stuff I would otherwise overlook. In this case it's birds.
 Ibis in a clutch on the beach: