Monday, April 12, 2021

Mangrove Walk

Twenty minutes from home where my wife was Zoom teaching and we were far away and out of hearing. Rusty and I had the woods to ourselves.

There was humidity in the air, which produced summer-like clouds overhead and I love looking at those through my camera lens.  

The wind was out of the west, a harbinger of a north wind and cooler temperatures, and the sun came and went which opened and closed piles of white puffy clouds overhead.

It looked just like summer and it was starting to feel like it.

Imagine standing there in silence, a panting hot dog sitting in mud thickened water. Clouds moving overhead changing shape creating changing shadows on the ground. Miles from people and viruses and 911 calls. I felt liberated.

Spring break is back and its taking its toll even as hotels are full and bars are doing a roaring trade. Lost identity papers, broken relationships, disappearing lovers, every day the stress of being young and intense is brought home to this old man. Every year we have to listen to tearful tales and send the rozzers out to fix the losses and at the end of six week every single employee is screaming for peace and quite, just for a little bit.

I find my refuge out here among the buttonwoods and spiny thorns and big green seagrape leaves. A walk, some reading, a cup of tea, a nap, a van gives it all to you. Home away from home before it becomes home next year.

When we can drive further I'm looking forward to different scenery and lots of variety but I've learned to find colors and shapes in things as simple as mangroves and buttonwoods. Its good practice.

Look at that sinuous trunk whirling its way into the heavens...

It was hot and Rusty slipped down into the mud a couple of times to cool off. I would have rather unzipped him but he wasn't having any of that so he got muddy instead to cool off inside his fur coat.

I may have walked him too far in my pursuit of pictures. He was fine really, but sometimes he's like a child, tired but unwilling to hang it up for the day. The large bowl of cold water (thank you GANNET2) was a much appreciated reward. For him, for me I finished my cold tea. 

A successful morning out on a small van trip, a reminder of what is to come. One more Spring Break, just one more.