Tuesday, April 2, 2019


I saw some rooflines walking Old Town and they intrigue me. This one has the traditional Widow’s Walk  said to be where the wives of captains at sea would pace waiting for their husbands’ ships to be sighted on the way home:

The spite of Saint Paul’s cathedral on Duval Street peeking above a traditional tin roof:

I like to look up when out walking with or even without my camera. Looking at the old Top of La Concha I caught a glimpse of cleaning operations at the roof top hotel spa that replaced the much loved rooftop bar. I who don’t much like Duval bars enjoyed the Top.

Next time you are on Duval Street look up and check out the varied roof lines. 

Clinton Square Market, boasting 19th century warehouse architecture:

I wonder which cretin decided a complex utility pole just had to go slap bang in front of the lovely peaks of the Custom House on Front Street? 

Mel Fisher museum classic simplicity: 

Put out more flags:

New squared off construction on Duval near Greene Street. We shall see what this becomes: 

The lesson? Don’t fail to look up as you stroll!