Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Key West Bight

I'm running out of steam. Easter is a few weeks away, the magical date when people leave the Keys to go North and pursue the great snow melt and the blossoming of Spring. This year I have a slight, very slight, hankering to jump in the van and go with them. Our trip last year to Michigan has undone me. I want green forests and polite traffic and fresh breezes off fresh water lakes.
I am fully aware of the winter paradox in these places I only want to visit in summer: short days heavy weather and the need for proper clothing are not the formula required to make me happy but in a couple of weeks the time changes and we get daylight saving time, which makes everything better.
Key West does odd things to people. I watched a stranger carefully mopping his boat and I was tempted to ask if he mopped the4 floor in the kitchen at home. perhaps he does, but we all know that scrubbing your boat is relaxing where scrubbing your home is a chore.
I was dogless walking the waterfront so I got to watch others enjoying Key West's more relaxed approach to walking a canine. When I lived in Santa Cruz owning a  dog was a royal pain as they aren't allowed in state parks, they aren't allowed on the main street, the Duval equivalent in Santa Cruz and so on and so forth. I hope Key West stays easygoing on that front for a while at least.
It's been two weeks since I got my second shot and my wife gets hers' next Sunday so we are allowing ourselves to contemplate the possibility of maybe eating out at some point in the not too distant future. When I saw the row of charter boats missing from the dock I wondered about other peoples' approach to keeping up with distancing. Perhaps the fresh air and sunshine will be enough. 
We are short staffed at work and likely to get shorter as summer approaches. I have given up hope of getting enough time off to take a long trip so I am hunkering down, living on memories and looking forward to a summer of swimming and sweating and learning to live a normal life again. Summers in Michigan may be normal for some people but not for me, yet.