Wednesday, May 22, 2019

My Afternoon

My sister in Italy has found WhatsApp on her telephone and with free communication with me half way round the world. In an instant I found myself trying to update her on my life which is so far out of the range of her experience I was not sure really where to begin. She has lived for half a century in a small picturesque Italian mountain village in Umbria.  Just the fact I live in an endless summer is already a lot to figure for someone used to seasons.
This idea of instant communications is nothing new to most  of us but when I started to reflect on what this means to me I found myself analyzing my daily life and I found to my surprise I am pretty well compartmentalized, a daily round robin of getting home from work and walking the dog, sleep, exercise at the gym, dinner with with wife after second dog walk and then drive to work and round we go again, save for those nights I'm not working.
There really isn't much variation these days. After the surgeon told me I will get 95% of my mobility back in the first year after the accident I have been on a drive to exercise, exercise some more and walk as much as I can. Rusty of course plays a major part in all this. And yet  when I have to tell my sister what I'm up to - because now I can - there isn't that much to say.  
Which is not to say I am pining or upset by this turn of events. It's just part of the recovery and I don't have much inclination to spend a lot of energy traveling or going to movies or staying up late as I much more interested in getting my bones to heal and to rebuild my muscles before the deadline of August 31st. 
 One good thing for me is that all this walking gets me outdoors and I do enjoy the breezes and the hot sunny afternoons.  It's not suffocatingly hot yet as the east wind is still strong and fresh and keeps temperatures bearable, at least to me. By July and into November the heat really piles on.
Hurricane season starts June 1st of course and runs through the end of November. Nothing deterred Mother Nature has already whipped up a named storm which the National Hurricane Center called Andrea. Its supposed to be dumping rain and winds to 40 miles per hour on Bermuda about now. No big deal I suppose except it's a damned sight too early in the year for named cyclonic winds thank you very much.
 I am enjoying this part of my recovery actually though it does make for less than exciting stuff to write about and I fear this page may turn into more of a collection of pictures as I enjoy playing with the camera while Rusty walks. Fair warning.
Aside from hurricane season this is also the time I get envious of my friends Up North where greenery is growing again after being dormant all winter. Temperatures are rising and lovely summer twilight turns day into night so slowly it takes my breath away. This close to the Equator day turns to night almost instantly and dusk is something I miss.  I miss winding roads and summer evenings, mountains and lakes and views that stretch beyond the curvature of the earth. 
Still I shall see what I can do to observe these same scenes in these flat islands from different and perhaps fresh perspectives. Perhaps this is a good time to reflect, without being too trite I hope, on how lucky we all are to e able to see and feel what is around us wherever we are. 
Rusty poses no such problems for himself. He knows which side his bread is buttered on, and he I am sure does not forget the dark days that came before the sunny life he lives now.