Saturday, December 24, 2016

December On Duval

A few pictures of the main drag in Key West, the lower end of Duval Street. Pictures without words I think for the holiday. Warm sunny winter days make a pleasant contrast to the cold Up North.

 Everyone photographs Sloppy Joe's the Key West icon.

 And Rick's one of the other bars...
 Out of business. Yours for $30,000 a month or more.
 The Duval Shuffle with nowhere to sit to discourage the bums (who sit on the sidewalk anyway).
 Shorty's a cross between a convenience store, a market and a bar.
 The flag in the service of commerce.
 Everyone sits on the ground as there are no better choices.
 And then around the corner on Front Street I saw his relic of a bygone scooter era, a tiny Honda Spree, apparently in perfect working order. Ideal for Santa's elves.
Merry Christmas to all.