Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Afternoon Thunder

Key West has been getting soaked but just a few miles away I was basking in afternoon sunshine. Rainy season has struck though and clouds roll in pretty easily. I love these summer days with temperatures rarely much above 90 and afternoon breezes. 
I've started riding to work after a prolonged absence from two wheels and I can feel the heat increase as I get to the cement jungle of the Big City. On my canal I I need air conditioning to live indoors but spending time in the shade over looking the canal it feels pretty comfortable. And then suddenly it rains!
Summer weather in the Keys gets dramatic with sudden downpours, temperatures dropping twenty degrees and then equally suddenly its all over and blue skies and sunshine reassert themselves. 
Even the prospect of winter doesn't bother me as winter is dry season and even though temperatures drop from time to time winter day are lovely, short perhaps but sunny and frequently quite warm. A cold day of zero humidity and 70 degrees is entirely bearable. Well, I suppose they would be as I find 100 percent humidity and 90 degrees entirely acceptable. Better than 120 degrees of dry desert heat. 
It's also the time of year when fewer people spend time in the Keys even though that doesn't necessarily mean there is no one around. These people were loudly discussing the relative merits of Clinton versus Briggs and Stratton small engines. Not really a conversation to which I could add any opinions of merit. I left them to it and followed my dog on her search for the meaning of life.
The photograph annoys me technically, as I hate sloping horizons, but in the picture I captured what my ideal summer season means to me.