Sunday, August 9, 2020

The Graffiti Bridge

We have been here before Rusty and I, last Thanksgiving more precisely when we came across a wild man of the woods living among the dunes with his dog. I was looking forward to renewing acquaintance but sorry to say we were unable to locate him though what may have been his camp was still there.
This place is about five minutes by car from Therese's place where we where staying and it makes for a nice spot to take pictures let Rusty run and enjoy an elevated view of Pensacola Bay.
It is a railroad bridge that has been designated as a free speech place and graffiti are not just tolerated but allowed. Thus it has become a tourist attraction, and you can see why.

Rusty made his own fun on the beach.

Happily it was me what noticed the rabbit and not there was lots else to see. 

After a couple of hours it was getting hot and time to go home to a vacation breakfast of cheese grits and bacon and lots of hot sweet tea. Motivation enough to get going and so we did.

Hard for him to tear himself away.
The bath he got at the van with the faucet swirled to the outside did not wow Rusty but he likes a good rub down and a brushing and that along with a treat I hope made his view of the mobile home a little less jaundiced. He slept back at the house as did I after an enormous breakfast. Pensacola doesn't suck. Not even my toes.