Friday, September 26, 2014

Key West Bight Asleep

I set my alarm for five am on my night off and I looked forward oddly enough to getting up in the dark and letting my hound loose on an unsuspecting city a half hour later. All as planned, Caroline Street dead to the world:
Call me anti social but this is the best time to be in the city, the bars have closed, everyone has gone home and day shift hasn't yet turned up to start the business of cleaning up and reorganizing from last night's debauchery.
The simplest of scenes presents itself as something mysterious and unknowable, the familiar made strange by the hour and the darkness. 
It's me, Cheyenne and all the walking dead of my imagination alone in the world plundering the formerly living to stay alive. 
These souvenir stalls and bait shops aren't exactly my hang outs by day but Cheyenne loves this part of town and she trots back and forth sniffing everything, because apparently everything here has a story for her nose. 
The Cuban Coffee Queen was firing up as I walked by, employees arriving on two wheels, pedal and power. Coffee and cheese toast is the breakfast of champions around here but luckily they weren't ready and I had no money on me so temptation was held at bay.
Key West is full of shadows and the fact that summer time now extends into November is a pleasure for me as I like the early morning darkness, whether I'm riding home from work or whether I'm just walking around.
I like the old duck tour amphibian bus stop sign, it remains as an Awful Warning. The Navy killed off those monstrosities by preventing them from launching in the Navy Basin at Truman Waterfront.
However the sign is a reminder that they will probably be back one day clogging the streets. That's what their website says at any rate and I wouldn't put it past them.
No time to shilly shally as my dog has places to go and things to see and its hard enough to keep up. Soon Key West will be awake again and we have walking to do before that happens.