Thursday, August 17, 2017

Landmarks Of Key West

The library said to be the oldest in Florida. Key West was the most inhabitable town in the state in the early days before cheap air conditioning.
Fausto's "more thana food store" it's also a social center they say:
This tuxedo shop on Fleming Street has been there forever. Amazing how there must be a market for tuxedos in this most informal of towns.
On Stock Island Yahman's for take away food is becoming an institution in my life. Jamaican food is very welcome:
Conch trains: aside from their clogging effect at slow speed if you want a  90 minute introduction to Key West you couldn't do better than taking this ride:
Cuban Coffee Queen entered the crowded con leche scene in Key West a few years ago and has established itself with two locations and a sterling reputation among the dozens of Cuban coffee shops in town: