Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Rusty In The Woods

This one I took in South Georgia when we stopped for a break near Brunswick and the extensive pine forests penetrated by sandyroads. 

Not Rusty

Sister-in-law Geeta (with a hard G) has lived here since the 1970s doctoring in Appalachia. 

Not a swimming dog:

Celo in November

A break from 80 degree temperatures and trash piles led us to the mountains of Western North Carolina, Rusty and I. A mix of rain upon arrival followed by hot sun and icy overcast mornings is a reminder how much I enjoy the endless summers of Down South. Rusty might disagree but he is too busy running through the bushes and leaf piles wondering how squirrels can ignore him so effortlessly. The Little Toe River was the target of our walk yesterday, today I am told by my in-laws, something more strenuous.