Tuesday, April 28, 2020

White and Black

Walking White Street and seduced by the shoes and shadows. If you want color pictures return tomorrow to this page. today's untrammeled offering is a play of light and shadow as Rusty and I walked around White Street between Truman and the Pier.

This looked like a bunch of neighborhood kids passing the time of lock down playing in the street as once was common. At least in my youth it was normal to wander around away from home.
I prefer walking to cycling as being on a bicycle puts you in the flow of traffic whereas using your feet gives you time and opportunity to stroll and look especially when Rusty gets interested in something. 
I enjoy the light in the Keys which produces hard shadows and lots of silhouettes. 
One is taught to appreciate soft ambiguous light, the golden hour twice a day as the sun nears the horizon with the blue hour a close second after or before the sun appears and everything gets that cold tint.
I like the harsh sunlight of midday in the keys, especially when combined with a breeze to unfit my glasses as I walk.
These bushy sidewalks along Flagler Avenue near White Street create tunnels of light especially when I turn off the color image. Some photographers like to shoot in color and remove the colors in the computer later. I enjoy the act of photography more than I do fiddling with computer settings so I try to see in black and white and if it looks good I take the picture directly.
During the lockdown I have found myself pushed to think more and more in abstract terms, of shade and shape and indeed colors too as tomorrow will reveal on this page as did yesterday.
I was trying to explain the abstract nature of shadows and objects and a socially distant stranger wandering in his own exercise hour called me an artist which was a bit weird. I am just a wanderer with a camera.
Rusty exhibits how own leash tolerant patience when the mood strikes me to try and spot the sun through. bush. In the back country he wanders around me at will, running forward and falling back but on the streets in the middle of a grocery run he has to pause alongside.

I'm not sure what will change if the leaders move forward with opening up the state. I don't think the Keys will open anytime soon and I know I'm not going to rush back into a normal life until I see what is really going on. I find I have lost confidence in what I used to think of as daily life. I fear that may be the worst coronavirus legacy for those of us who live through this epidemic physically unscathed.