Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Key West Wildlife

You don't have to look far to see the wildlife strutting it's stuff or as in this case simply enjoying the view:Cheyenne's antics looking for God only knows what in the seaweed prompted another of those idiotic warnings from a well meaning passer by, something to the effect that my dog would smell and need a bath. More so than when she dismembers a dead deer I wanted to ask but the cyclist was long gone, having done her good deed for the day.Cheyenne was not alone in the seaweed.Not alone at all, there was lots of stuff just hanging around in the wild.The breakwater was well supplied with birds of course.I got a faint whiff of disapproval from that last so we moved to Higgs Beach where we found more feathered friends to greet us.Not all the wildlife has feathers though. This dude speaks almost no English but he hauls loungers like a demon.
And the result of his labors is a place to sit......and enjoy your own view of Key West wildlife.

Early Morning Mallory

I am not the only one wandering Key West aimlessly early in the morning.Lots of visitors have discovered the delights of the Old Town devoid of people and noise early in the day. One can stop and pause and not get rushed along by the crowds and the action. This time of year the heat is less, though perhaps not by much and the crowds have yet to form. This appeal is directed to the large numbers of people streaming into Mallory Square for the usual sunset stuff:The days of doing good for the pleasure of doing good are long gone if they ever really existed. Tourist economies exits with their hands out. After we watched Puerto Ricans abandon dogs across their horribly overpopulated islands we gave to the Save a Sato program designed by well meaning mainlanders to bring relief to the strays of America's true "Caribbean Island."In Las Vegas I have seen artificial limbs pawned to feed the gambling habit. I expect alcohol is responsible for this impromptu public sculpture. Do you suppose he crawled away?They were making a tape. Look for it no doubt on YouTube.Key West Harbor, not exactly by the dawn's early light but close enough. As in motorcycling where Harley riders don't acknowledge dweebs on sport bikes and BMW riders...blah...blah...blah, on the water stink potters despise rag boats and sailors turn their noses up at stink potters.From the beach it all looks rather pleasant, open flat water and the promise of adventure over the horizon.