Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Asturias Road

I wasn't going to take any pictures of one of my favorite subdivisions to walk on Cudjoe Key, then I came across this sign which tickled my curiosity. Something is private though what is not clear and whoever posted this irritatingly incomplete notice of great import doesn't care that the message has been cut off at the knees. "Private No Hugging" perhaps?
Then I came across a headless dog - again.
It's a nice quiet criss cross of gravel roads in a rural setting rare for the Lower Keys.
They even have horses out there. In summer Cheyenne doesn't much enjoy this walk for some reason known only to her but in winter it seems she will come out here and enjoy herself. She was worn out after an hour of chasing her nose.
She only reluctantly strutted down Blimp Road back to the car.
In the background a last glimpse of Fat Albert supposedly set to disappear in a few days to be replaced by who knows what electronic surveillance. Currently we are told the Department of Homeland Security is talking to the Air Force about taking over operating the surveillance blimp.
I'm pretty sure this is meant to be Asturias Road, seeing as how it's part of the Spain Boulevard complex of streets. I don't think there is an Iberian region called Asturius except in the Lower Keys.