Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hawk Missile Site

I have written about this place before but I like coming back here. It is a place not suffering from gentrification or beaitification and I like photographing the gradual decay.
I was here six years ago with Cheyenne: Hawk Missile Site Link 
They have cleaned the area up a bit and closed off the open buildings over the past few years but it's still a  good spot to dog wander.
 And to take pictures of the old radar sites:

 Its where the city stores stuff not in immediate use:
 And it's where planes fly overhead after they take off from the airport.
And where the homeless hang out. This guy was chatting to Rusty who wasn't having any. Then my little dog got curious and started approaching the guy at the table. As he did he kept one eye on me as though to make sure I wasn't going to leave him in the lurch with this stranger.  It's a a rare occasion I see him being cautious around a stranger. Maybe the pile of belongings freaked him out.
 Then it was off to do some poking around in the grass:

Hawk Missile site being put to good use.