Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve On Duval

Key West was crowded for the end of year celebrations, and the sun came out at the last minute, before another half hearted cold front rolled into town.
I stopped on my commute and took a picture of Cow Key Channel to celebrate the sunny day, the day I was going to be indoors for work.

I took my lunch break n the early afternoon and I went downtown to brave the crowds which usually leave me feeling overwhelmed.

Everyone seemed to be making a good living from the tourists, including the rather crappy practice of using a dog in ludicrous poses to get tips from people.

You won't usually find me eating on Lower Duval but I did like this picture if open air dining on the last day of December.

Or getting your future foretold in your shirt sleeves.

I'd like to imagine I could foresee this guy getting a ticket but who knows what the story was.

What do you you foresee a hot date?

The shell was scheduled to drop at midnight but I was at home getting ready to be at work at six in the morning. I foresaw the trash can overflowing before long. Public works crews have their work cut out in the morning before the city awakes.

The young woman in the leather skirt and boots was heading towards the bar that likes to call itself Coyote Ugly. A tough way to earn a living I think.


I wasn't the only worker bee on the block:

Any day is a good day to mark the spot, but sunshine makes it prettier.

Winter parkas, Key West style.


In the midst of the grown ups I met a band of kids being kids, playing and planning.

Key West is an ordinary small town behind the facade of worldliness and partying.