Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nature Walk Drought

I am finding the weight of Spring Break this year to be heavy. Calls for service at work have been at levels not seen on my shift since before the economic meltdown in 2008. I come home from work exhausted and fall into a deep sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I know I'm stressed because when I wake up I have a headache, a phenomenon that hits me only when I feel under pressure at work. It's good for the economy of course, lots of youngsters high on life and expensive alcohol, but they make for a crappy way of life. "Job security" they say, when you answer 9-1-1 for a living, but these days, working for the government is no panacea.
My relief is to go to the woods or the beach with Cheyenne and watch her run back and forth sniffing around and showing me how to let go. As a result I am out enjoying Florida, far from Spring Break, in the woods admiring Nature's handiwork.This is the end of dry season, the end of winter, the time when the sun gains strength and humidity gets ready to return and flush out the salt ponds, fill the roots with water and bring life back to dormant, dessicated plants. The mud flats look more like the surface of the moon than summer's salt ponds, this time of year.The skies are an amazing shade of blue, almost cloudless, and the humidity level is entirely comfortable, one can walk on an 84 degree afternoon and not break a sweat.The mud is drying and going gray giving the flats a lunar appearance. This would be an entirely satisfactory place for Jack riepe to visit. He is not a camper, no fear of him breaking regulations here. for details on riepe's preference for hotel camping.You wouldn't know it but half a mile away the Overseas Highway is hauling tons of traffic to and from Key West. This is the perfect antidote to work related stress.This is a great walk for Cheyenne even when the heat builds as the wooded trail is breezy with winds off the ocean combined with lots of shade.
For me it's a stress reducer, for the Labrador it's a retirement, no puppies no children no obligations except to amuse herself as she pleases.
For Florida it's a waiting game, waiting for summer, for rain and for some peace and quiet statewide, a pause before the summer hordes descend on us demanding entertainment and relaxation, best found when they are absent.