Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Still Waters of Stock Island

After the hurly burly of a couple of nights dispatching Fantasy Fest I figured I'd earned a quiet midnight walk if not on, at least near, water. So I went to Stock Island.

It was silent as even Hogfish was starting to shut down and the further I walked the quieter it got on the waterfront.

It's less than a hundred yards long this little lane but it is lovely. It's neat and tidy yet not at all sterile. There are woodshops and artists studios, floating homes and sailing boats that look too tangled with the land to sail again.

The still waters of the harbor reflect the lights ashore of the marinas, the old power station, the commercial fish docks that typify this island, the light industrial heart powering genteel Key West next door.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has a boat docked in bright colors across the way.

I love the shadows cast by the few lights left burning among the trees. Somebody once asked if I am afraid walking alone at night and I have to say I rarely feel fear on these kinds of walks in cities but in the Keys I never feel any fear at all on the streets. I have never felt threatened in Key West. Perhaps I am lucky or oblivious or I myself am threatening but I walk where I want when I want without a care.

Because I know something about sailing I was amused to see this innovative piece of sailing hardware in use as a docking device. Carbospars AeroRigs are designed to allow sailboats to deal with less rigging to sail more easily:

...not to be used at a dock as a guide rail. I think this is quite slick stuck on a dock post:

To give you an idea of the still waters in the harbor this immensely complicated rig on a commercial fishing boat reflected in the water:

One guy passed me on the dock and perhaps he was struggling with his loophole level as he stared straight head and said not a word as he stepped carefully down the wooden Boardwalk.

Safe Harbor to me represents the good old days of mythical memory, the period called "in the day" that phrase I find so annoying. Nicer than in the day and yet not too nice. Perfect.