Saturday, March 17, 2018


I wasn't even thinking about airplane crashes or anything when I took this photos, idly watching my dog running through the mangroves and chasing his nose. The plane below reminded me of the blind horse at the Sheriff's  zoo at the jail, the one with the hood over its head. It was found starving when Dade county deputies raided a home and it was rescued and brought to Key West for a new life.
I am always surprised by how much activity there is at the airport with airliners coming and going and  lots of private planes.
Standing at the Hawk Missile farm at the end of Government Road you can see the planes lined up at the airport across the Salt Ponds: 
It was not a brilliant day for photography, leaden skies and not much definition.
And then the helicopter, that miracle of flight, like a bumblebee. It looked out of place hovering daintily before picking a precise spot to land.
Years ago I pondered briefly the idea of learning to fly. In the end it seemed impractical and somehow unnatural. I decided I preferred to sail.
I still like to look from time to time, and wonder where they came from and where they go so fast.