Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

Outdoor living blizzard free. Who needs seasons..?

Almost The Solstice

As little as I enjoy seasonal changes my emotions sometimes get the better of my intellect. By the time September rolls around I tend to be tired of summer heat and start looking forward to the second cold front of the Fall. The second front tends to lower temperatures quite a bit and create separation between the oppressive heat of summer and the start of the cool dry season.

Then when temperatures turn really cold, as they tend to briefly during winter I start to bitch about cold fronts and grumble when I have to wear socks to bed. I try to forgive myself for being human as I start to look forward to the heat and mugginess of summer. Well bugger, my Zen is in serious trouble. Better go to the beach and look out at the ocean and center myself or some such shit.

The thing is the water is too cold for swimming this time of year, at least for me, and it gets dark at six in the evening so there is some wintery effect down here. Traffic slows down a lot in winter as visitors pause to admire the views in the travel lanes of the Overseas Highway. Bastards! It's the only road and we all depend on being able to use it to keep the services flowing that they take for granted.

It's silly isn't it to get grumpy when all I have to do is pull over and enjoy the view.

So here it is, the shirt sleeve view. Happy Solstice Northerners. And I'll wish it to you early in case some nut case decides the Mayan thing is real and knocks off the Internet on The Day.