Monday, December 10, 2018

Dead In Key West

I was very much alive rolling down Frances Street so I took a picture as I passed some of the prettiest Conch cottages along the street before I turned west...
...into the cemetery. I was promised a bang up funeral oration by the police department chaplain had I died last August but I'm still here so I figured I might as well come by for a quick visit to what is essentially one of my favorite open spaces in Key West.
It is so serene and filled with history I am amazed more people don't come here and meditate on life and death. The above ground tombs give rise to some creative tomb architecture too. 
You can legally drive a car in from the Margaret Street main entrance and bicycles are welcome too but no scooters. Years ago people behaved badly on them and they have been banned ever since. I don't understand why people choose to be idiots in the cemetery but they manage it of course.
The cemetery hours are strictly observed and if you aren't out in time you will get locked in and the fence is new and strong. We have a key in dispatch so we can send officers out to retrieve silly people who overstay their welcome. Don't do it as it gets dark early in winter and people get creeped out. 
Like much of downtown the cemetery is under the prevailing flight path of the airport. Silly really with so much open water around but that's how they built it decades ago.
And then as I wandered around I saw a tall mop headed palm rising far about the roof line, catching the sun... Then I rolled out and pointed my electric scooter east toward The Meadows neighborhood and my night’s four hour shift at work. 
 Last little piece of old Key West? Dunno but there they are: