Friday, April 20, 2018

Black And White

I was reading about monochrome photography and the author suggested you have to be able to see the color drain away from a scene and picture it in tones and shades. 
I like figuring out which scenes will look good in black and white.This one below was an accidental exposure while I was angling my iPhone for a picture. I got the angle just so and the top of the trail faded to white. suggesting infinity. I was surprised but I took it anyway.
Also with my iPhone there I was,  wishing there were more dramatic clouds as I wasn't sure these would do. But digital photography costs nothing so I tried anyway:
A house under construction viewed through the telephoto of my "big camera" a Panasonic FZ300:
This shadow on the bridge reminded me of Norbert Leo Butz best known for playing youngest brother Kevin in Bloodline.
The view south From Sammy's Creek on Sugarloaf Key at very low tide, mud to the left and water to the right. This picture suggested the heat of summer to me.
The jumping bridge also on Sugarloaf, white cement slicing through black mangroves.
Rusty loves this creek which is where one trail ends. It takes us half an hour to walk here from where we leave the car. He arrives, runs madly through the mangroves and he fully expects me to be there when he pops out. Then he sits in the water to cool off whereupon he guarantees himself a bath when we get home as its all mud.
In color you see the water is the color of coffee. The creek looks like what could be the headwaters of the Gambia River to me. I have an over active imagination.
I stopped for photos on my way home one night. Sometimes I like to stop on the highway after a short shift ends at two in the morning. There is a depth to the darkness, a loneliness that can grip you out in the middle of nowhere. And then oddly enough the iPhone can photograph a scene of almost no color.
I used the flash so the windshield looks like it is in urgent need of a clean.