Friday, February 28, 2020

Higgs Beach

It is said that photographers hate bright sunny days and prefer moody gray skies. Not me. I love tropical brilliance primary colors and sharp shadows.
So  naturally it was gray and overcast on my visit to the beach so i tried to make some drama out of the cloud cover.  I like Higgs Beach which is actually maintained by the county even though it is an enclave in the city. The sand, imported, is actually thick and real underfoot, not a composite of pebbles and small rocks typical of the Keys "beaches."
Monroe County has off duty deputies to patrol the beach and keep order which means you can enjoy a family day at the beach and use the two childrens' parks without fear of being accosted by panhandlers and the like. Or  you can hang out and mediate at will:
The Martello Tower is half ruined as it was used in the 19th century for target practice  by the gunners at Fort Zachary at the southwest corner of the city. Nowadays it is home to the garden club of Key West.
And the brickwork offers a different silhouette in a town made of wood.
  You can bury your feet in the sand and look out across the straits of Florida. 
You can see various boats off the beach but you cannot see Cuba as some wags would have you believe. The Earth is actually round and the curvature of the surface will prevent you seeing the mountains of Cuba 90 miles away. That alone should convince you the Earth is round but I am astonished by the number of people who take the flat earth belief as reality.
  The moon of course is a flat disc made of silver cheese. Everyone knows that and here's the proof:
Cactus spikes don't hurt, and to prove it you can try touching these examples at the garden club. You can run your finger over the screen with no problem at all:
I stayed for a while at the beach and waited for the sun to get closer to the horizon.
After such crappy gray skies some golden light was a welcome change:
Lighting up time on the shrimp boats getting ready for night fishing: