Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Pines Park

Something strange has happened on South Roosevelt where winter would usually see lots of homeless squatters making day camps at the picnic tables. As it was Rusty and I had the park to ourselves.
It was a lovely day at South Roosevelt with a  fresh breeze and bright sunshine.
Everyone was out enjoying the weather.
The only reason I can see that Pines Park has lost favor with the day campers is thanks to the new parking lots. They have been neatly paved and edged so you can no longer roll your car into the park under the trees and use the picnic table as an extension of their vehicles.
Now that the place is clean and tidy and empty I shall come back a little more often.
The views are splendid. You can see why this was a favorite coastal hang out in Key West.

As usual the shrimpers were trying to duck out of the bad weather and the winds really were blowing.

A couple of tourists across the newly refurbished parking lots between Pines Park and East Martello.
The tower is intact and a museum. The West Martello is a bit of a wreck as it was used for target practice by gunners at Fort Zachary in the 19th century when there was a clear sight line across the south end of Key West.