Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fleming And Duval

Pardon my rant but this used to be motorcycle (and scooter) parking. Now it isn't. Boo hiss. And even though the silver car, and the white one in front seemed to think it is now car parking.
But it isn't. It's a yellow line and I suspect the nannies that removed motorcycle parking did it so vehicles turning off Duval Street will now be able to do so much tighter, perhaps jumping the curb and thus killing pedestrians instead of motorcycles. Some clouds have silver linings I suppose.
The 24 hour CVS has been there long enough I suspect that not many people think of Fast Buck Freddie's anymore, more's the pity, but this is a transient town of course so memories are short.
But for those that do remember Fast Buck's superb  window displays by the redoubtable Ann, CVS is not completely turning its back on the tradition, which I really quite liked.
Looking in the main window at CVS I saw a banner that rather neatly summed up my feelings about Duval Street's drive to trivialize shopping with chain stores...The thing is shopping by mail is taking over the banal things we shop for and it seems brick and mortar stores are going to end being the ones where we buy luxuries and things we have to touch and try on and feel. But I am not any kind of shopping futurist so I am likely to be entirely wrong and corner stores will return with a vengeance in a few years. Maybe. That would be nice. 
I think I am pretty good about looking up as I wander around but sometimes I surprise myself and see people enjoying an aerial view of downtown.  You never know around Key West,a city filled with balconies, open windows, porches, verandas and so forth.
 Yes and I'm still pissed off about them taking the motorcycle parking.