Friday, May 18, 2018

Wild Creatures

Sitting at  a park bench looking out at an uncharacteristically sunny drenched afternoon, glad to see the rich shades of green and blue all around me, even in the water:
 It seems brown pelicans haven't all migrated elsewhere. I'm told they aren't strictly described as migratory but in the Keys their numbers ebb and flow with the seasons.
 For some reasons pelicans are often described as goofy birds but I find them quite strikingly adapted to hunting and killing and swallowing whole fish.
 The very loud woodpecker. It sounds like someone hammering nails when it pecks a tree:
 I couldn't get a clear shot so I watched it for a while watching me through a thicket of mangrove twigs:
 Then the very weird dragonfly, buzzing silently and speedily between hand holds.
 The further I pushed the telephoto the creepier the thing became; less gossamer and more human.
 So I was happy to chase a dreary old seagull for a while as it circled far overhead like a normal bird:
 An early morning walk startled me as i watched where I put my feet during a  high tide. A snake, motionless underwater, photographed badly using the telephoto function on my iPhone, always a bad idea but I wasn't going closer:
It's head popped up above he water as I backed off and while it breathed I reverted the phone to encyclopedia function and studied water snakes. Turns out the poisonous ones have distinct blocky heads, thick bodies and narrow obvious tails. The harmless guys look thin and uniform, which is I think what we have here. I am not fond of snakes but they serve a useful pest control purpose and I am unwilling to harm them. Equally I want no part of provoking or bothering them whatever they are. It just seems unfair some of them appear defenseless and have to bluff by being aggressive and pretending to be lying in wait. They make me nervous.